How to Remove Carpet From a Concrete Floor

Whether a homeowner is having new flooring professionally installed, or installing it himself, removal of the old carpet, is an essential step. Luckily, removing carpet from a concrete floor is very easy to do and requires just a few hours of labor to complete and have the floor ready for the next step.

Step 1

Remove the carpet. Take up a corner of the carpet and pull it up from the tack strip. Using a utility knife, go ahead and cut the carpet into small, manageable strips that you can roll up and easily dispose of. However, if you are planning on using the carpet elsewhere, you will not wish to cut the carpet up. You will also need to be careful not to tear the carpet on the tack strips. Have somebody help you to move the intact carpet away from the space you are working in.

Step 2

Remove the carpet padding. Carpet padding is usually simply glued down on the concrete. Again, you will need to lift up a corner and pull it up, cutting it into smaller sections to make the carpet padding easier to remove.

Step 3

Remove the tack strips from the floors. Unless you plan to re-use the tack strips for your next carpet, you will need to remove the tack strips that are in place. Using a pry bar, insert the pry bar below the tack strip and pry the strip up. The tack strips are nailed down, so if you are having trouble prying them up, use a hammer to help get the tack strips up.

Step 4

Remove any remaining carpet padding from the concrete. Because the padding is glued in place, it is likely that the concrete floor has a scattering of carpet padding bits that did not come up, when the padding was pulled off. Use a putty knife to remove those last little bits of glued down carpet padding.

Step 5

Remove stubborn glue using chemical solvent. To remove any last remnants of glue from the concrete floor you will first need to clean up the concrete. Sweep and vacuum any last bits of dust, concrete bits and carpet padding. Once the floor is clean, mop the floor where the remaining glue is located, using hot water. Apply a chemical adhesive remover to glue spots that won't come off. For especially stubborn glue spots, consider sanding it down with sand paper.

Things Needed

  • Utility knife
  • Pry bar
  • Hammer
  • Chemical adhesive remover